Global priyam Vellayappam / Palappam Mix
Mix 500gms of Global Priyam Appam Powder with 850ml of water. to this add 3 table spoon Sugar,1/2 Tea spoon salt & 4 table spoon Coconut scrap and smash it in a mixer for 11/2 minutes. keep the Mix aside for11/2 hrs & prepare soft & Tasty Appams.(For More Soft& tasty Appam Reduce 100ml of water & add 100ml of coconut milk instead of coconut scrap)
Rice Powder, Yeast
Nutrition Facts
Energy (Kcal) 394
Protien(g) 10
Total Carbohydrates (g) 0.25
Total Fat (g) 0.25
Fatty Acid (g) Nil
Cholesterol (mg) Nil
Vitamin A (mg) Nil
Vitamin C (mg) Nil
Calcium (mg) 44
Iron (mg) 10