Global priyam Rice Palada
Wash the contents of this packet with water, drain & soak in one litre boiling water in a covered vessel for 20 minutes. Wash the soaked "Ada" with cold water 2 times.

PALADA PRATHAMAN Boil 3 litres of milk with ½ Litre of water. Add soaked & washed "Ada" while the milk boils. Keep stirring till "Ada" is well cooked and becomes soft to touch. Add 700 gm. Sugar and continue stirring on gentle fire till PALADA PRATHAMAN is reduced to about 3 litres and the colour changes from milk-white to pink Remove from fire. Stir for another 10 minutes. Add 8 nos powdered cardamom and 1 spoon of Butter.

ADA PRATHAMAN; Grate and grind coconuts without adding water: squeeze and extract 750 ml Milk of coconut (1st Milk) Extract 3 Litres of thin milk by grinding the residue with luke warm water 2 to 3 time cook washed and soaked "Ada" in thin milk, prepare jaggery syrup by dissolving 1 kg of jaggery in 500 ml warm water. Remove impurities by straining. Add jaggery syrup and continue stirring on a gentle fire till Ada Prathaman is reduced to 2.75 Litres. Remove from fire and stir for another 15 minutes. Add first Milk., Mix properly add 8 nos cardamom powder & 1 spoon Ghee.